Rep: Sue Klopp
Phone: (519) 572-5209
Region: Southwest Ontario

Rep: Catherine Heggveit
Phone: (819) 664-1177
Region: Northeast Ontario

Rep: Glenn MacKay
Phone: (905) 855-3763 x 22
Sales Manager

Nothing fits better…

Hot Chillys. Contrary to popular belief is not a restaurant, a 1-800 hotline, or a rock band. We are the #1 baselayer* in winter sport. Basically, we make a technically superb product for anyone who likes to have a good time.

At their core they are a fun company that began because three guys from Cali (who loved Mexico and a cold cerveza) happened to also like skiing and jotted down some ideas on a cocktail napkin and presto, in 1986, Hot Chillys was born.

Hot Chillys introduced the very first body fit base layer. Appropriately called “The Original”, it was a stretch product made from a blend of wool and polypropylene, and packaged in a bright yellow can. Now, 25 years later, the updated version of this same product, Micro Elite Chamois, is still one of our best sellers and still comes packaged in a can!

They have tried a lot of things over the years, but one thing stays true – they make state-of-the-art products so consumers can focus on having fun. Beyond the food and drink, it’s about the friends; the time on the mountain; the time on the beach and pushing yourself in the outdoors. They are a company that doesn’t think the party should end when the final icicle falls or the last snowcap melts. Life is a fiesta and should be celebrated all year long. Hot Chillys is more than a product that works; it is a mindset that reaches beyond the slopes.

Today, the Hot Chillys product line consists of a wide variety of base layers, socks and fleece products. All with one thing in common, to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and looking good so you can focus on whatever activity makes you happy.

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